From Left to right, from top to bottom.

  1. A picture of the Mixer family.  Rose Mixer on the porch far left.  Frank Mixer at the bottom of steps on right.  Taken 1888.

  2. Marcia Slocum sitting on her sister’s lap with her twin sisters on either side.  Roughly taken June of 1948. These little girls all grow up on the property.

  3. A picture of the house, note there is no east side entrance to the kitchen.

  4. An old aerial picture of the property.

  5. The barn with horse stables.

  6. Another side view of the horse stables attached to the barn.

  7. When the house was shaded by three huge white birch trees.

  8. An aerial on the property in 2016, before we purchased the property.

  9. Charles and Margaret Smith in front on Big Blue, they lived on the property in the fifties.

  10. Michael Smith and his two siblings, they lived on the property in the fifties.